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The Fox Outdoor Products™ is a wholesale distributor of Tactical, Enforcement, Military and Outdoor Gear. In order to protect the integrity of our pricing and to maintain the success of our entire network of dealers Fox has implemented a MAP Policy for its registered brands Fox Outdoor™ & Fox Tactical™.

Although dealers remain free to establish their own resale prices, our dealers are required to advertise at or above the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Fox will, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and will refuse to accept and new orders from any dealer following Fox’s verification that any dealer has advertised any Fox Outdoor or Fox Tactical™ items in violation of this policy. By adhering to this policy, it will ensure the further profitability of all of our Dealers and maintain the high value and quality image of all Fox branded products.

  • Fox will issue printed price lists indicating Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) either by request or can be found on the website. This policy applies to both Internet and traditional media advertising. Internet advertising includes Amazon, eBay, dealer sites, and any other mode that uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). Traditional media advertising includes all print, radio and television mediums.
  • All sellers who are in compliance with the Policy will be offered a Preferred Seller Badge, which shall be offered exclusively to compliant sellers, upon request.
  • The MAP Policy does not apply to any items that have been discontinued from our product line or are designated as close – outs or special buys.
  • The Fox Outdoor Products™ MAP Pricing is listed in the Dealer Wholesale Price Guide and online at


First Violation:

  • A member of the Fox support team will contact the violator via e-mail, telephone or letter to identify the nature of the violation to the violator. A copy of the Policy will be sent to the violator.
  • The violator will be given five (5) workdays to cure the violation, before it ripens into a “first” offense.

Second Violation:

  • Anyone found violating the Policy a second time would be given five (5) days to cure the violation.
  • Failure to bring advertised pricing into compliance with our stated policy will restrict the dealer from purchasing any products for a period of one (1) month from the date of the notification.

Third Violation:

  • Anyone found violating the Policy a third time or any subsequent time thereafter will be given five (5) days to cure the violation before being banned from purchasing the specific items in violation of MAP for a period of one (1) year.
  • This suspension shall apply to the entity violating the policy as well as the owners and/or operators of the violator, and to any other organization owned by the owners and/or operators of the violator.

The Administration of this Policy and any determinations made under it are solely within Fox discretion and authority. Any questions about this policy should be forwarded to the policy administrator at

Since 1982, Fox Outdoor Products has been a direct importer and distributors of military, tactical and outdoor gear. Today, Fox Outdoor Products has a large distribution facility with state-of-the art warehouse, shipping, and receiving facilities. The company is a leading supplier of military, tactical and outdoor gear, constantly striving to meet the needs of its diverse and ever-changing customer base.
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