Return Policy


If your customer presents you with a product-related issue, we ask that you verify the purchase (receipt) and to make sure that the item is a Fox product by checking for the inside sewn-in label.

If you verify the purchase and authenticity of the product, we ask that you contact us directly if the product was purchased outside of your return policy period. We will take one of the following steps:

  1. Replace the defective product for your customer.
  2. Send the required components to repair the portion of the product that is defective.
  3. Issue a credit to your account.

These procedures will allow us to more closely identify issues with any particular product. It will also prevent us from fielding calls from consumers, since we do not deal directly with the public. Our staff can then focus on providing you, our clients, with the very best level of customer service.

Any product not produced by Fox, but distributed by, must adhere to the manufacturer's warranty. If you need assistance contacting the manufacturer, please email and she will field any questions you may have.


All Fox Outdoor Products™ are rigorously tested to ensure that our stringent standards for durability and quality control are met. We are so confident of the quality of our product line, that each item is covered by a limited warranty.

Fox Outdoor Products™ guarantees its products 100% for a period of 1 year from the original purchase date. This warranty only covers product failure due to manufacturing or material defects. The warranty does not cover: damage caused by normal wear & tear; improper use; damage by weather or natural climate conditions; and the natural breakdown of the material or color.

The repairs or replacement of any product is at the sole discretion of Fox Outdoor Products™. Any and all claims require proper documentation, i.e. original dated receipt, and can be made directly to an authorized Fox Outdoor Products™ dealer.


  • No returns will be accepted without authorization (all returns subject to Fox Outdoor Products™ discretion).
  • All returns must have an RA (Return Authorization) code.
  • Defective merchandise must be returned, freight prepaid, within 10 days of receipt of goods. If the returned merchandise is soiled, worn, or bears markings, stickers, or tags not originally on the product, it will not be accepted for credit.
  • Defective items from Fox suppliers must be returned directly to the manufacture.
  • Photographs of the item, the defect, and the Fox sewn-in tag found inside the main compartment of our items must be sent to so that we can determine how to best handle the situation. This will also allow us to send the information on to our vendors so that the product issue can be corrected for future productions.

We truly appreciate your business and will make every effort to resolve issues that are brought to our attention in a timely, efficient manner. With your cooperation, we know that any issues will be resolved promptly. This simple procedural policy will reduce the number of outside calls taken from non-customers. It will also help us keep our name and brand in good standings, both in the market and on social media. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact and she can better assist you.

Since 1982, Fox Outdoor Products has been a direct importer and distributors of military, tactical and outdoor gear. Today, Fox Outdoor Products has a large distribution facility with state-of-the art warehouse, shipping, and receiving facilities. The company is a leading supplier of military, tactical and outdoor gear, constantly striving to meet the needs of its diverse and ever-changing customer base.
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